delivering the
delight of memory


What is tyme?

- tyme stands for my time -

tyme is a time capsule to keep your captured cherished moments, it works by recording a moment through video, audio or picture then with the memorable details to reveal the memory to you at a later date -this increases the value you place on each moment through your fast-paced life, and the culture of instant gratification.


Have you ever wanted to capture a perfect moment?

it’s the morning of August 8th
you’ve been exploring Runne Forest
your best friend Ally is dancing

you can take an audio clip, a video or a photo

add details

How were you feeling at that specific moment?

the moment was magical, and you want to make sure you remember exactly how it felt - add feelings, colours, notes and custom times.

you can choose what feelings you experienced

revisit the memory

Do you wish you could relive a moment?

you miss the time spent with Ally in the forest, and wish you could just feel and see that beautiful moment again

you will be able to see your recorded moment with all the input details, generating a customised experience of viewing.

Smart Glasses Connection

pairing is possible to
experience glasses or cam to
better record your complete
experience seamlessly


all settings and information are customised to your exact preferences - you are able to change triggers, and what you are recording with each moment.


tyme will notify you once a
memory has been triggered, then
taking you immediately to
your memory









no Immediate availability

The value of waiting

tyme will cancel out the instant gratification due to the immediate availability of access that we are currently used to and also provide the emotions that come along with revealing or remembering aspects of the past. You are the one who is burying the memories yet you're also the one who will receive the delight.

fast paced lifestyle

Slowing down

tyme helps with the culture of people not treasuring moments due to the fast paced and hustle lifestyle to stop for a moment and to ponder upon a single memory that won't ever happen again.

look back anytime

Digitalization of memories

tyme is a digital time capsule of all your important moments, you will be able to access all your memories through the application no matter where or when.

tyme has made me cherish each moment so much more - I am able to record all the small details that make a memory so precious then when least expecting it, be surprised by the good times.

Joshua Holmes

New York Times

At first, I didn't understand the use of tyme - I thought it was simply a gimmick and would annoy me, however after using it consistently i'm pleasantly surprised every time a memory comes up during my day!

Anderson Bob

The Tech Review

discover your moments

now available on the app store & google play